Welcome to the website of Pemberley Farm!

You are what you eat. Food is a direct reflection of its soil. At Pemberley Farm we grow pure soil, naturalized to our environment in central Utah, free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizer. We have over a decade of experience growing and eating our own food and believe it’s too good to not share. One reason our food is so good, is that our soil is simply better.

Don’t take our word for it—check our chicken’s eggs. They eat the same vegetables from our gardens as we do. Their yolks are darker orange than those of any “organic” eggs we’ve purchased at any whole foods or grocery market around here. The darker the yolk, the more healthy omega 3 fatty acids present. It’s health you can see. Our healthy soil comes right through into our foods.

How do we grow better soil?

Soil starts with dirt, which is rocks, sand, clay and silt. To our dirt we add diverse microbes which we have sourced from healthy, long standing, natural ecosystems in our area of Utah and surrounding states in the Mountain West region. To give these diverse microbes a place they want to stay and can survive, we have added tons of natural, organic carbon in the forms of leaves, grass (without chemicals), straw, hay, wood, manure, compost, and biochar. To all of this we have added diverse plants to provide living foods through exudate exchange, and animals in managed rotation to ensure adequate natural preparation of our soils without tillage.

This simply means we have more diverse microbes and lots of organic carbon. These two combine with dirt to make rich soil. Rich soil is soil that smells good. Smelling our soil can cause a release of serotonin, which not only smells good, it can make you happy.


Melinda with a golden beet
Melinda with golden beet
Robert with giant sunflower
Robert with giant sunflower

We are Robert and Melinda Oldham, the loving farmers of Pemberley Farm. We recognize and appreciate the help of our children, Elisabeth, Isaac, Madilyn and Emma, and our extended family and community who have done so much to help and encourage us!

Pemberley Farm was established in 2016 on 9 acres of what was previously a conventionally managed alfalfa farm.